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Using the OM Adapters on the DSLR and PEN cameras enable use of OM-mount accessories such as lenses, extension tubes and extension bellows for digital photography.

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Since these are analog lenses, they do not have firmware in them and cannot communicate with the cameras, so to use them will require input from the photographer to use them to shoot stills and video.

<strong>Olympus</strong> <strong>OM-1n</strong> <strong>camera</strong> user's <strong>manual</strong> Single

Olympus OM-1n camera user's manual Single

The OM-mount accessories can be used in the A (Aperture) and M (Manual) shooting modes.

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The apertures of the lenses must be stopped down manually and there is no way to inform the camera what the f-stop setting is.

Olympus camera om-1 manual:

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