Katadyn survivor 06 manual watermaker

KATADYN Survivor 06 Watermaker.25 GPH West Marine

It's still available as the Survivor 35—and still a great choice for a ditchbag.

English Manual Katadyn Survivor 06

They also manufacture a smaller hand-operated desalinator, the Survivor 06.

<i>Katadyn</i> <i>Survivor</i> 06 Desalinator/<i>Watermaker</i> - Survival Depot

Katadyn Survivor 06

As later explained to me by the company president, Alan Lizee, part of their military contract required that they make an effort to develop a similar product for commercial applications.

Survivor 06 Watermaker - YouTube

As a result of that effort, Recovery Engineering produced their first commercial product, the well-known Power Survivor 35.

Katadyn survivor 06 manual watermaker:

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