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Web capture of this page (rht click and select "Save As"). 1) Three Elements that Can Render Court Rulings Invalid Violation of Stare Decisis: The Changing Definition of "Direct", "Indirect", and "Excise" taxes instituted by federal courts: GIH 6.9.4 Understand the Tax Litation Process: SFIO-I5.1, TFPM Why Most People Lose in Tax Court Writ of Mandamus: TFPM U. Courts Website 5 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Obtain a State Marriage License: SFIO-E4.1 Bible on Liberty Bible Gateway-online bible reference Blue Letter Bible-online bible reference Christian Identity Forums Despising God (ASNM, Vol . 3) Family Constitution Government as idolatry: GIH 4.3.12 Importance of relion and morality in politics: GIH 6 (intro) Marriage Contract No marriage licenses: GIH 4.14.6 Notice of Intent to Marry Oblations of Christians: GIH 1.10.4 Real Churches Don't Need Tax Exemptions: SFIO-E2.7 Rendering Unto Caesar That Which Is Caesar's-Worldnet Daily Rendering Caesar His Due-Sam Adams Socialism is Incompatible with Christianity (and is a sin): GIH 4.3.13; SSMOTB 4.11 Soveren Christian Marriage, Form #13.009 (OFFSITE LINK) Turn the Other Cheek? Eisgruber, New York University Law Review; April 1997 Change Your U. citizen status: TFPM; SFIO-I Choose Who You Will Serve (ASNM, Vol. 2) "Citizens of No Country"-John Bryant, Worth Magazine Citizens v.

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Includes active hotlinks for offline use This page contains a subject index of EVERYTHING contained on the Family Guardian website, including all topic pages, books, memorandums, and the writings of third party authors. Dept of Justice WTPTTH=We The People Truth in Taxation Hearing Activism Area Biblical view of taxation and government: GIH4.3.3 Equipping the Church to Vote (book) Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) Handbook for Federal Grand Jurors (pampet) Handbook for Trial Jurors Serving in United States District Court (pampet) Net-Federal Inspectors General Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)-FBI Jail4Judges-judicial reform. Judicial Watch Jury Nullification: Empowering the Jury as the Fourth Branch of Government (book) Juror's Handbook-by Fully Informed Jury Association Legal Research on Jury Nullification Red Beckman's Fully Informed Jury Training (video) Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration Hotline Vote-Smart We The People-Join this ! Administrative Procedure defined: SFIO-C Administrative Procedures Act Cases Regarding Delegated Authority Citizen's Guide on Using the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act to Request Government Records Soverenty and Freedom Page, Section 13.6: Threat to Freedom: Administrative Law/State IRS is subject to the Admin. Act-PROOF: SFIO-I7.1 IRS Commissioner's Delegation Orders Requirement for Publication in the Federal Register and exceptions thereto References on Administrative Procedure Law and Government Page, Section 12: Administrative Law Learn Proper Administrative Procedure: SFIO-I4.4 The Need for Regulations The Notary Protest Method: VERY EFFECTIVE! 1333 Title 33: Navation and Navable Waters Appeals Settlement Guidelines (IRS) Appeals Coordinated Issues (IRS) IRS Form 911: Application for Taxpayer Assistance Order IRS Pub 1546: The Taxpayer Advocate Service of the IRS IRS Pub 1660: Collection Appeal Rhts Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration Hotline Collection Due Process (CDP) Hearing Sample Transcript: SFIO-E9.3 Internal Revenue Manual, Section 5: Collection Process Examination meeting: GIH7.9.9 How to handle: SFIO-I4.17; TFPM IRS Due Process Meeting Handout (OFFSITE LINK) IRS Office of Chief Counsel Collection Due Process Hearing Guidelines IRS Website: Examinations Market Segment Specialization (MSS) Audit que Guides Opposing improper exam procedure, SFIO-I4.18 Reliance Offence Video: TFPM Nontaxpayer's Audit Defense Manual, Form #06.011 (OFFSITE LINK) Vehemently Oppose Improper Exam Procedures and All Assessments: SFIO-I4.18; TFPM Recommended reading Atlas Shrugged-Ayn Rand Babylon the Great is Falling (book by Jack Hook) Bible-God Bouvier's Law Dictionary Citizens Guide to Using the Privacy Act and the Freedom of Information Act-(279 Kbytes) House Report 105-37 Constitutional Income: Do You Have Any? 740(1933) (difference between Article I and Article III courts) Tax (and other) Courts of the United States (ASNM, Vol. 1) Arguments Against Nonpublication of Court Rulings Publication Rules of Court for the United States and Federal Circuits Law Articles Relating to Nonpublication Press Clippings Related to the Use of Nonpublication by Courts Practicing Law Without A License Inquiry: SFIO-E10.1 Quiet Title Action: Village of Dimondale v. We are One Church We Are The Church-the church isn't a building What Attitude are Christians Expected to Have About This Document: GIH 1.9 8 U. C.: Aliens and Nationality 14th Amendment-Equal Protection law or Usurpation?

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For an index of content on our sister site, see the following. : TFPM, Article Treasury Delegation Orders (TDOs) Understand the Tax Process and the Laws that Govern It: SFIO-I4.2; TFPM Admiralty Admiralty and Maritime Law Guide Cornell Legal Information Institute: About Admiralty Federal Maritime Commission Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 9(h): Admiralty and Maritime Claims Jones Maritime Cabotage Task Force NSNet-Maritime news and information Savings to Suitors Clause, 28 U. -by Phil Hart Department of Justice, Tax Division, Criminal Tax Manual-Department of Justice Disclosure Litation Reference Book- (1.32 Mbytes) IRS Equipping the Church to Vote (7.1 Mbytes) Family Constitution Global Soveren's Handbook, Form #13.005 (OFFSITE LINK)-John Van Hove. Leslie Grable Rhts of accused: Sixth Amendment Statutes At Large, not the USC, are the Law!

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They focus on PRACTICAL APPLICATION of the information on this site to SPECIFIC REAL LIFE situations: ASNM=Antishyster News Magazine CCDM=IRS Chief Counsel Directives Manual (IRM 39.0) DOJTDCTM=Department of Justice, Tax Division, Criminal Tax Manual GIH=Great IRS Hoax book SFIO=Soverenty Forms and Instructions Online (OFFSITE LINK) SSMOTB=Social Security: Mark of the Beast (book) TFPM=Tax Fraud Prevention Manual, Form #06.008 (OFFSITE LINK) UAPR=Understanding American Property Rhts USAM=U. Requires Member Subscription How Our Laws Are Made-U. Senate, document 105-14 IRS Humbug: IRS Weapons of Enslavement-Frank Kowalik IRS Publications Jury Nullification: Empowering the Jury as the Fourth Branch of Government- (3.9 Mbytes) FIJA Law of Nations-Monseur Vattel Military Government and Martial Law-William E. : SFIO-E 10.4 Statute of limitations for Criminal violations of I.

Admiralty manual of navigation volume 1 download:

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