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“They didn’t understand they couldn’t just throw this stuff away. So they knew something special was going on.” In the first week of the project, the tractor was disassembled, but the engine and differential remained intact. The hoses were bad, but Louwerens knew they would never be put under load again.

John Deere 4000, 4010, 4020 Tractor Technical Service Repair.

“Every other component – the dashboard, the seat assembly, the front-end loader, the fenders – that could be removed came off,” he says. “We came up with some unique techniques to make them look really nice,” he says.

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Sanding and washing, the crew started finding things that pointed to history.

Deere 4010, 4020 Service Manual SN 201000 - end TM1006

“On both sides of the hood, at the steering column, a number 4 was painted. It was painted with what looked like a paint brush and red paint,” Louwerens says.

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