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Ince World War II the US military has relied on the "Jeep" to get it through the mud and to the front line. Air Force used it as a mode of transport for its important forward air controllers, who helped in pinpoint air strikes on enemy positions. It was desned by Ford and later built by Kaiser, AM General Corporation, and GM.

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There were many incarnations of it, the last being the trusty "Mutt" that was first used in Vietnam and only recently retired in the early 1990s. In 1951 the Ford Motor Company was given a contract to develop a Military Utility Tactical Truck (MUTT) to replace the WWII era MB Jeep and it's descendant the M38.

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A production contract was awarded in 1960 for the 1st of over 10,000 units that would be used by all US and many foren military forces.


Production of the M151 continued for just a short time when the M151A1 was introduced with modifications to carry heavier loads.

M151 mutt parts manual:

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