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We need to change the Auto Attendant auto-answer greeting, but we can't figure out how to get started. I checked an online manual that said go to VM, choose 0#, and choose the greeting settings, but dialing 777 takes us to our personal VM. Dialing in to the main # and choosing the 0 mailbox does not work either - it just replays the Auto-Attendant. The only other way I know to access the system is to call the company number. If memory serves you will dial the 777 or whatever extension may be the hunt group and at the welcome to message you dial *R or *7 for voice mail retrieval.

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We've all been involved a bit and know we use a handset and enter some codes to get to the setting. At that point, I can choose 0 for the mailbox, but it only gives me the auto-attendant as if I dialed the number. at that point you can follow the standard instructions...

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If I dial VM from my phone (777 or program button), it first asks me for my VM password.

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Let's make sure we know which voicemail system you are using with your Magix- When you dial 777, exactly what do you hear? Please enter your extension number and pound sign" "Welcome to Audix.

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