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There are limited data describing the cost-effectiveness of brief interventions for substance use in resource-poor settings.

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Using a patient and provider perspective, this study investigates the cost-effectiveness of a brief motivational interviewing (MI) intervention versus a combined intervention of MI and problem solving therapy (MI-PST) for reducing substance use among patients presenting to emergency departments, in comparison to a control group.

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TreeAge Pro 2011 珍藏版分享, ^_^ - 卫生事业与医院管理版-丁香.

Effectiveness data were extracted from Project STRIVE (Substance use and Trauma Inter Vention) conducted in South Africa.

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Patients were randomised to either receive 1 session of MI (n = 113) or MI in addition to four sessions of PST (n = 109) or no intervention [control (n = 110)].

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